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WiX Toolset v3.0

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Released: Jun 19, 2009
Updated: Apr 28, 2010 by robmen
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Application Wix3.msi
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Application Wix3_x64.msi
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Application ProjectAggregator2.msi
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Release Notes

Many other changes

AaronSte: Adding more detailed WixUI customization information to the

AaronSte: Updating product branding in setup UI, the start menu and the VS
Help | About dialog.

MiCarls: SFBUG:2782585 - Fix heap corruption in IIS custom action

AaronSte: SFBUG:2786681 - Adding documentation annotations for some elements
in wix.xsd that were missing them.

MiCarls: Properly handle SQL database names that have already been escaped

BriaRo: SFBUG:2783049 - Removed duplicate registry keys from the Component if
they had been harvested.

EricStJ: SFBUG: 2787116 - Move WixExtensionSearchPaths outside of the target

BobArnso: Fix SFBug:2786736 - Use MSBuildToolsVersion to detect when we should
use the .NET 3.5 MSBuild tasks for VC9. Note that this requires your
.wixproj to be declared <Project ToolsVersion="3.5" ...> so MSBuild
builds the .wixproj using v3.5 tools.

BriaRo: SFBUG:2788210 - Removed additional Class/@Id elements that were being
created from a logic error when adding elements to a component in the
UtilFinalizeHarvesterMutator class when mutating registry entries.

JasonGin: SFBUG:2380391 - Resolve wixlib references so msbuild dependency
checking works properly

EricStJ: SFBUG:2785180 - Adding attributes to help elements to support building
Help2 MSMs. Must use redistributables when using MSMs to prevent 2
merging 2 instances of the same CAs.

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5308.0

BobArnso: Add debugger logging for WixUIValidatePath custom action; add
WIXUI_DONTVALIDATEPATH property to suppress WixUIValidatePath calls.

BobArnso: Fix user-reported typo in fr-FR localization.

MiCarls: SFBUG:2792009 fix a crash in XmlFile when XML file doesn't exist
(only occured in XPath mode)

AaronSte: Add documentation annotations for deprecated elements in wix.xsd so
information will appear in IntelliSense and not just the .chm.

BriaRo: Added the capability for heat to take an extension via the command line
similar to how the other tools do using '-ext Extension'.

SF-NSleigh: SFREQ:2609695 - add support for harvesting performance counters.

EricStJ: SFBUG:2790472 Projects with references to localized WiX projects fail
to compile due to pre-processor variable collisions.

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5315.0

BobArnso: Fix SFBug:2792525 - Missing punctuation in WixUI_en-us.wxs

AaronSte: Remove VS WiX detection and blocking logic from WiX setup.

EricStJ: SFBUG:2792176 - Do not use ConvertToAbsolutePath.

BobArnso: Re-fix SFBug:2786736 - Conditionalize for MSBuild 2.0 gold in
addition to 2.0 SPx and 3.5

EricStJ: SFBUG:2777114 - Replacing TargetPath and TargetPdbPath with tokens
to enable delayed expansion of the properties. Modifying votive to
use the tokens.

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5322.0

AaronSte: Update error message that appears if a string contains characters not
in the codepage to provide more helpful guidance.

AaronSte: SFBUG:2795343 - Fix typo in .NET Framework bootstrapper how to topic
in the documentation.

AaronSte: Add a documentation topic describing how to build WiX projects in
Team Foundation Build.

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5329.0

AaronSte: Simplifying the Team Foundation Build help topic.

AaronSte: SFBUG:2801322 - Adding notes to the docs indicating that 64-bit MSIs
require an InstallerVersion of 200 or greater.

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5405.0

HeathS: SFBUG:2805264 - Diffing MSIs does not yield validation flag

WixBuild: Version 3.0.5419.0

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by GeniusWizard on May 19, 2012 at 9:52 PM
great tool!
by crucify on Aug 23, 2010 at 3:24 AM