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WiX Toolset v2.0

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Released: Oct 5, 2007
Updated: Apr 28, 2010 by robmen
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Application wix20-binaries
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Release Notes

DerekC: Fix a bug in Common.GetFiles, it throws an uncaught IOException for some
file paths.

DerekC: Fix SF1323528: RegistrySearchRef/@Id needs to be required.

DerekC: Remove Microsoft.Cabinet.dll from the wix makefile.

DerekC: Fix SF1305918: Light Crashes when schema extension missing.

DerekC: Modularize the Registry Key column.

DerekC: Add support for suppression of individual actions in merge modules and
detect actions scheduled before/after termination actions (actions
with negative sequence numbers).

DerekC: Fix 1324248: Candle doesn't require ExeCommand attrib.

DerekC: Check for required/illegal tables for each output type. This fixes
SF1333004: Light failed while building msm, containing another msm and
SF1314157: Check for illegal/required tables in linker.

DerekC: Add support for PatchCreation/@Codepage.

DerekC: Deprecate the src attribute.

DerekC: Fix several regressions related to the EnsureTable functionality.

DerekC: Add a new generate guids (gg) option to tallow.

DerekC: Fix several bugs with script custom actions:
SF1340394: Script function not optional for script custom action.
SF1344829: Type 53/54 custom actions not supported.

DerekC: Require the Feature/@Level attribute to be specified in the compiler to
fix SF1342025: The Feature/@Level attribute is not correctly parsed.

DerekC: Fix a simple issue with a serverca error message.

JoeA: Add support for CustomActionRef.

DerekC: Do not set the msidbFileAttributesPatchAdded attribute for PatchGroup
since PatchWiz does this automatically. This fixes:
1346102: PatchGroup adds unexpected attribute.

RobMen: MSI SDK says ComPlus table has only one primary key, fix WiX tables.xml
to agree.

SBonev: Fix regression where identifiers that are too long cause an error
instead of a warning.

BobArnso: Update WixUI to use localization strings -- you must now link with
an appropriate .wxl file (WixUI_en-us.wxl included) -- add a tutorial
on using.
WixUI and fix SF:1280559.

JRock: Moved the build system over to use NAnt.

RobMen: Clean-up names of all WiX toolset executables.
Add .config files for all WiX toolset executables to handle CLR 2.0.
Add .manifest files for all WiX toolset executables to handle protected-
admin on Windows Vista.

RobMen: Add support for MSI 4.0.

RobMen: Fix lang neutral .rc files to avoid #define collisions with standard
Platform SDK headers.

DerekC: Fix a bug with displaying notidy information in light when a previous
error has occurred and fix a bug in setting different compression
levels on multiple cabinets in the binder.

ScotK: Fixing rollback support in compiler for SqlScript and SqlString.
Adding support for ExecuteOnReinstall in addition to ExecuteOnReInstall
for forward compatibility with WiX v3 fixes.

BobArnso: Add back the ProgressText (ActionText) and Error loc strings;
enabled their use by adding UIRef/@Id="WixUI_ErrorProgressText"
to your source.

BobArnso: - Use whole sentences for localization, instead of building up
sentences by using properties to specify different verbs and word
forms, as many languages don't easily follow English word order.
- Add ActionText/Template loc strings

JRock: Making the wix20 public branch build correctly using NAnt and only
the publicly available SDKs (not the dtools versions).

RobMen: Generate caerr.wxi

BobArnso: - Make Sconce and Votive optional, so the VSIP SDK isn't required to
build the core toolset.
- Find VC++ by the VS80COMNTOOLS environment variable rather than
the registry (which VC++ Express doesn't have)

BobArnso: Add build requirements to WiX.chm, fixing sfbug:1318424.

RobMen: Update DocCompiler to correctly handle lists.

RobMen: Fix SqlScript/SqlString handling of bit masks.

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