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WiX Toolset v3.10

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Released: Sep 7, 2015
Updated: Feb 26, 2016 by bobarnso
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Application wix310.exe
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Documentation wix310releasenotes.html
documentation, 32K, uploaded Sep 7, 2015 - 1300 downloads
application, 28297K, uploaded Sep 7, 2015 - 105373 downloads
application, 46695K, uploaded Sep 7, 2015 - 690 downloads
application, 24214K, uploaded Sep 7, 2015 - 927 downloads

Release Notes

This version of WiX has been replaced by WiX v3.10.2 because it contains mitigations for Windows vulnerabilities.

  • wix310.exe is the installer for the WiX Toolset and is required for integration into Visual Studio.
  • contains the files that make up the WiX Toolset and is useful if you don't need Visual Studio integration -- for example, if you're just checking WiX into source control.
  • contains a reference copy of the WiX source code and symbol (.pdb) files, both of which are useful when debugging problems with WiX.
  • contains the wix310.exe installer inside a .zip file, useful if your IT department prevents direct downloading of .exe files.


WiX v3.10 RTM is v3.10.0.2103.




@barnson added support for Visual Studio 2015 in the WiX build, native SDK libraries, and Votive.

@heaths added Visual Studio 2015 detection properties.

@barnson added .NET Framework 4.6 support.

@firegiantco added support for ISO/IEC 19770-2:2015 software id tags.

Burn and WixStdBA

@barnson restored the SWAPRUN bits to the Burn stub.

@to-pse fixed Burn logging when it's disabled.

@heaths added logging around registration and hash mismatches.

@barnson fixed some Burn variables.

@to-pse added support for setting variables from theme pages in WixStdBA.

@jchoover fixed a WixStdBA doc bug.

@rseanhall fixed bugs in pre-req handling in WixStdBA.

@bmurri added support for LaunchWorkingFolder variable for controlling the working directory for LaunchTarget support.

@pavelanfimov added support for distinct success and failure messages for different actions.

@barnson fixed a crash that occurred building bundles with five-field version numbers.

@rseanhall added support in WixStdBA to load edit boxes from identically-named Burn variables.

@rseanhall added support in WixStdBA to format the close-confirmation localization string, so it can reference Burn variables.

@rseanhall fixed some bugs in managed-BA hosting.

@rseanhall fixed hidden variables.


@barnson added WixStdBALanguageId Burn variable.

@rseanhall fixed some Burn variables that weren't available from the elevated Burn process.

@rseanhall made the WixBundleManufacturer variable writeable.

@rseanhall obfuscated hidden variable values in logging.

@jchoover fixed a bug that left a temporary file behind.

@barnson fixed some Burn and WixStdBA doc bugs.

@barnson added ExePackage/CommandLine to support conditional command-line arguments.

@barnson made sure that pre-v3.10 .wxl files work with v3.10 WixStdBA themes.

@barnson prevented an elevated bundle from launching elevated hyperlinks.

@rseanhall added literal string variables for built-in variables that might contain brackets.

@heaths prevents Burn from downloading payloads that already exist in a layout.

@creativbox added "files in use" to WixStdBA.

@heaths makes sure WixBundleOriginalSourceFolder is set.

@heaths added support for a top-level cache action.

@robmen fixed a bug with COM initialization.

@barnson added logging around potentially time-consuming external activities.

Core toolset

@heaths added support for building empty patch transforms.

@barnson added support for minimal-verbosity logging in MSBuild targets.

@barnson added clarifying documentation.

@jmcooper8654 clarified an error message.

@robmen fixed some documentation links.

@cnadeau clarified ServiceInstall documentation.

@bmurri prevents contradictory InstallPrivileges and InstallScope values.


@rseanhall added WixHttpExtension to take advantage of the Windows HTTP Server API.

@phillhgl added support for adding privileges to properly register a resource using RestartResource.

@vetrivelc fixed a duplicated hotkey in WixUI for nl-NL localization.

@barnson fixed the RegisterPerfmonManifest custom action.

@rseanhall fixed a bug that prevented FileShare from sharing out the root of a drive.

@norberthd added support for a port range in a firewall exception.

@barnson added support for "OR LATER" detection of .NET Framework.

@barnson added WixBroadcastSettingChange custom action.

@barnson added some WixNetfxExtension documentation.

@barnson fixed the Install button in WixUI for de-DE localization.

@firegiantco added a quiet-execution custom action that is also silent—that is, that doesn't log input or output.

@barnson added bind-time variables to allow tweaking some .NET Framework package conditions and paths.

@amoravec made UriProtocol case-insensitive.


@heaths made the DUtil error-checking macros variadic so developers no longer have to think about how many arguments they want in their message beforehand.

@rseanhall fixed some ThmUtil bugs.

@barnson fixed function return types in XmlUtil.

@barnson fixed wcsistr calling convention.

@mike-gc fixed a breaking change made earlier.


@rseanhall updated the build to use the latest Sandcastle help-build tool and to acquire it via NuGet.

@robmen added an error message that detects when strong-name verification skipping hasn't been set up for a developer build.

@rseanhall made maintaining history easier by merging individual history messages into the master

@robmen fixed an error message.

@heaths added support for the Windows 10 SDK.

And the rest

@dwickern fixed Heat to escape special characters Heat generates.

@barnson fixed some bugs in Lux.

@stunney added support for the Binary and Icon tables to the Melt tool for patching.

@barnson fixed a couple of Votive bugs.

@rseanhall made the regular expressions in wix.xsd XSD-legal.

@jozefizso fixed a typo.

@rseanhall fixed some bugs in Heat for tools versions 12.0 and 14.0.

@jchoover fixed some bugs in the WiX bundle's bootstrapper application.

@stunney added validation in Melt to make sure an .msi and .wixpdb match.

@lakmus85 changed Votive to support OutputName with embedded properties.

Reviews for this release

A lot of good fixes and it looks quiet good. The conditional command line is a good addition. :-)
by soundarmoorthy on Sep 16, 2015 at 1:28 PM